Festive Holiday Wreaths for Your Home

November 27, 2018 4:09 pm

It’s the holiday season, which is a good reason to liven up your front door with a festive holiday wreath! With a little bit of work and a trip to the craft store, your wreath will be the talk of carolers everywhere. Check out these fun tips on the different kinds of wreaths you can create!

Ornament Wreath

Image via countryliving.com

This wreath creates a bright look that will pack a punch. Wrap a Styrofoam wreath form with ribbon and use greening pins to attach different shapes and sizes of ornaments. A 16-inch wreath form can be covered by around 100 ornaments.

Gilded Magnolia Wreath

Image via apieceofrainbow.com

With a few magnolia leaves, some paint and a piece of cardboard, you can create this beautiful holiday wreath. Cut a wreath form out of a piece of cardboard and glue dried and fresh magnolia leaves around it. Painting some of the leaves gold or silver will give the wreath some flair. For a video tutorial, click here.

Fruit and Foliage Wreath

Image via claireabellemakes.com

Using foliage, flowers and dried fruit, you can create a traditional holiday wreath with a twist. Attach these items to a foam wreath form for a holiday decoration that not only looks beautiful but smells lovely as well. Click here to learn how to create this.

Red Ribbon Wreath

Image via womansday.com

Red is one of the most festive colors of the holiday season! Use simple materials to craft a bold wreath for your home. With just ribbons, hot glue and a wreath form, make a wreath that will stand out from the crowd. View the tutorial here.

Olive Branch Wreath

Image via 100layercake.com

Use olive greens and various kinds of foliage and flowers to make an elegant holiday wreath. You can even switch up the flowers and foliage to match your other holiday decorations. Add a bow for a finishing touch. To learn more, click here.

It is the perfect time of year to add some character and decorations to your home! If you are interested in buying a new home before the new year, call me and we can talk through some of your mortgage options.